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– Making you look your best –


“First impression is the most important one”


 – You will not get a second chance to make a first impression –

Will Rogers

First impression is always the most important one as it goes beyond the moment. Many times it is a make or break so have the best possible start and get a great headshot that will make you stand out. 



In the digital world, the photograph is the first thing that your potential customers, colleagues, and partners see when they look at your profile, so why not having one that will make a great first impression.

Woman business headshot portrait linkedin profile

“Your photo is your personal logo”


Your photos are your personal brand logo. It work for you all the time so get one that shows confidence, approachability and will make you trustworthy and recognizable.

Man professional portrait linkedin profile headshot



Create your authentic personal brand by getting a photo that shows your unique personal qualities and transform your online presence into something that will immediately grab everybody’s attention.

“I don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera”


People do not always feel comfortable in front of a camera, unless they are professional models or actors, which results in them holding back and feeling uncomfortable. Together we will go through a process that will help you relax and will guide you along with the session so you can gain confidence and show your best side in front of the camera and we are going to have fun while doing it. Come on and give it a try – it will be much more fun than you think!

How it works

Book your session

Check studio availability, select the most convenient time and book your photo session. 

Photo session time

Get your favorite outfits, pack your good mood and prepare to have some fun in the studio. 

Get your photos

Ready photos will be available for download within 5 days after the session. 

Customer reviews and feedback

Jag behövde snabbt ett representativt foto av mig själv. Ovan med att fotograferas, lite obekväm och inte riktigt förberedd. Då var Evgeny rätt man för jobbet! Han fixar bra stämning, styr, fixar och leder på ett lugnt och bekvämt sätt. Resultatet blev över förväntan. Mycket nöjd.

Jens Hellström

Lättsam och flexibel fotograf. Alltid ett leende till övers och med ett fantastiskt tålamod. Använde Evgeny för porträttfotografering och blev så nöjd att jag anlitade honom som vår bröllopsfotograf. Supernöjd även med det resultatet!

Anna Svärd

Varmt rekommenderar jag Evgeny! Han fångar det bästa i varje människan och tar bilder som bevisar hans erfarenhet och proffessionalitet. Han personligen är en snäll och bra fotografer, samt med tålamod utför sitt jobb utmärkt! Välkomna!


Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare for the session

Make sure you are well-rested and get a good sleep the night before the session. It will help you look at your best 

On the photo session day, pack your best mood and get ready to have some fun. 

When the photos will be ready?

You will have the final images ready within a week. They will be delivered to you digitally and you will be able to download them via a personal password-protected link

What should I bring for the session

First – wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. The headshot is all about showing the best of you and it will not be right if you don’t feel comfortable to start with. From my experience, simple clothes make a great impression.

If you are in for a business headshot for your social media profiles, you may want to select clothes that you’d wear on meeting with customers, partners and potential employers or new employees.

Get several outfits so we can test on site and choose together the best options. 

What you can also keep in mind:

  • Single solid colors colors looks better in the headshots
  • If you are a pattern person, go simple and small
  • Try to avoid any big jewels or accessories that will drive away from the eyes
  • Bring several outfits so we can try and decide what looks best
  • Make sure the clothes are ironed and have no wrinkles. Fixing this later is not as easy as it looks.
Why is the top of my head cut off?

I get that question a lot. Your headshot is about you, it is your personal brand. We would like to show your personality and this framing accentuates on your face, eyes and smile.


You will also get photos cropped to fit social media profiles. 


Just wear your casual makeup – we do not need anything special and remember that simple is better.

If you have selected to include makeup for your session, the makeup artist will be available for you before the session.


Along with the basic color correction, professional retouching includes removing blemishes and small skin imperfections, Eloquent eyes and hair retouching ( fixing stray hair and adding some light in the eyes) and several other techniques that make the image pop.

Wrinkles removal, face shape and structure and removing scars will not be done unless we do not agree on it upfront.

The person behind the camera


I fell in love with photography after I moved to Sweden and me and the camera instantly “clicked”. After photographing sports events and conventions,  I discovered the world of portraits and headshots. Becoming a part of Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew,  and now I am an associate photographer in his training and mentorship program.

My belief is that an essential part of getting a good photo is to relax and enjoy the time in front of the camera and looking good is a state of the mind. Adding few small tricks and some expression coaching, I will help you to relax and express confidence, approachability and trustworthiness, which together we will turn into a great photo. 

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